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Let's make better mistakes tomorrow

Hide and Scream

We don't need no stinking context!
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Right from my stupid mouth, I present 100 Things to Totally Say Out of Context!

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Icon is relevant
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Rachael posted a picture I drew onto her DeviantArt.  Here we go ~

Got my schedule today.  Not much anything fun, except I'm taking German and I'm going to take Ms. Shelton's class again.  Since we didn't have a real "exam" for Literature Lab, I brought in my copy of How to Train Your Dragon for the class.  I was afraid people would think it's too much of a kid movie compared to other stuff we'd watched (Forest Gump, Clue, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure), but a lot of people said it was their favorite movie ever and so joy for all.  Call me dumb, but I feel very self-concious when people are looking, listening to, and watching stuff I like.  Whether it be looking at my drawings, listening to GUT, or watching anime, I tend to clam up.  I know, I suck.

I time myself in songs
5927 - Mr. Superman not here
(Title is a reference to when I judge time by which songs I've listened to i.e. saying seven minutes have passed after listening to "Žaliojoj girelëj" by Žalvarinis).

Anyway, wanted to post random shit, so here we are.  Most recent lulz is that I noticed that I can easily tell 8059 and other 59 pairings apart by their art.  I'll say "That looks like an 8059 Gokudera."  I know it's dumb but I don't really care.  Basically anything where Gokudera looks uke-ish or like NALIS drew him is pretty automatic for me (also, going by nail places make me lulz because my mind always changes "NAILS" into "NALIS").

Been thinking about writing a story about a creep who uses dead children as marionettes (yes I know Fringe shut up).  I was thinking about using it as my project for next semester in Literature Lab, because I know it's the only way I'll get inspired.  Lame, yeah.

Herzschlag translations
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Well, I fixed and updated all of my Herzschlag translations.  And, if you noticed, I deleted all my old translations, so yeah.

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Well, even though it's technically not New Years yet, I'll just say a bit about it anyway. My number one New Year's resolution is to not talk about Shamal as much, since I know I'm more annoying when every other word of mine is "doctor," "womanizer," or "mosquito." I didn't really do that much this year, at least not anything really noteable. Oh welll ~

YKINMK, assholes
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So I was over on Fandom!Secrets's "Your Kink Is NOT Okay" thread, and oh god it made me feel bad.  There were so many of my kinks on there, and I felt really alone.  They're all like "lol how could anyone like this" and I'm like "ffffffffuuuuu."  Some of my kinks on the thread were guro, vore, emetophilia, M-preg, the daddy kink (fuck you, I have no unexplored issues with my father), pedophilia, bloodplay, and twincest.  If you think I'm fucked-up enough to like that stuff, then you should get a fucking life.

forever raaaaaage

So sup guys
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Not much has happened other than Christmas.  I got a Nintendo 64 and some games for it.  How to Train Your Dragon.  Some REBORN! volumes.  A Korn jacket.  Maybe pictures later?  I dunno.

So instead of that, here's some porngrind and goregrind names I thought of (more porn than gore, but eh).

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It's a wonderful (Wild) world
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Well, this is random, but I wanted to talk Animal Crossing for a bit.
Animal Crossing was one of the first games I ever owned, so it's always been a very special game.  Whenever I got a chance, I'd boot the Gamecube up and play my merry way through the village.  If you know anything about me, you know that I get very emotionally involved with most of the games I play, and this was definitely not an exception.  I'd cry when villagers moved away, I'd get excited when my favorite characters talked to me, and sad when I'd have to leave the controller and do something else.  I was lucky enough to get to share my village with my family, and each of us got our own character.  I remember that mom and I had very mixed rooms while Natalie and dad had theme rooms (lovely for Natalie and cabin for dad).  We waited for a long while for the next installment of AC to come out.
Skip over some years, and here comes the announcement of Animal Crossing: Wild World.  Everyone's happy, especially me.  For my birthday, I get a shiny new DS and a copy of AC: WW.  Immediately I'm enthralled and playing all night.  I'm so excited I might burst, with all new fun things to try and so many new things to see.  Despite mom's insistences that I go to bed, I continued to pull all-nighters just to explore the new world.
I don't have much to say about Animal Crossing: City Folk because I don't play it.  Even with new features and characters, it can't keep me very interested.  I believe this is because it's too impersonal for me.  I'm the girl who gets very involved in their games, always making friends and writing thoughtful letters and fun stuff.  The thing that keeps me hooked on the original AC and AC: WW is the emotional involvement.  I have beloved neighbors in each game, and at times I feel like they're the only friends I truly have.  Whenever I feel sad or lonely, I just have to boot up my DS or Gamecube and come out of my character's house.  Immediately there's a feeling of worth and I feel very happy to alive.
Anyone who has never played any version of this game is missing out on not only a game, but an incredible experience that everyone needs to have.  If you want to kind of check out the games without having to go out and rent them, I'd suggest checking out the AXA Forums.  There's lots of discussions and pictures, so you'll be able to get a taste of it.

Chrome & Mukuro - Oh nooooo
So I was bored and watching REBORN! episode 73 the other day when I noticed something odd...



In other news, for Ra-chan's birthday I'm gonna make her a BelxFran doujin, so this'll be fun.  I've never drawn anything other than 4koma (and bad 4koma, hurrr) so I'll just be seeing where this goes.  Been working on NaNoWriMo as well.  The title of the story is "Everyone is Laughing" (and if you know me, you know that's taken directly from "Jeder lacht").

Can You Hear Me Now? [original story]
Mukuro - Fo shizzle my dizzle yo

More horror.  All I can write.  Awesome.


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Stone by Stone [original story]
MukuroxChrome - LOLOLOL MINE
Whoo, more random horror stories.  It's all I can write, anyway.  So I guess people could enjoy that about me?  Oh well.

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