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Haru & Chrome - Girls Be Ambitious
Welp, welp, I'm going to A-Kon tomorrow ~ ! Yay, so excited!
Our crew includes me (Tsuna), Rachael (Chrome), Calvin (Mukuro), Cecil (Lal), and Amy (self-appointed photographer). I can't wait to take cute and silly pictures ~
Plus we're going to the Reborn photoshoot, which means CHANCES TO SEE SHAMAL COSPLAYERS OMAIGAWWWWD. Plus chances to force ask for ShamalxGokudera pictures.

My retarded-ass wishlist includes:
- G figurine
- Mukuowl, Timcanpy, Mr. Saturn, and President Aria plushies
- DGM and KHR soundtracks and novels
- Merchandise of: Chrome, Bluebell, Lenalee, Uni, M.M., Miranda
- KHR video games

Wop ~


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