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5927 - Mr. Superman not here

Okay, okay, so this kind of goes under the banner of a "rant," though a lot lighter than any others I've had.

So what is the topic today?
Yes, that's right, my beloved pairing.

The problem doesn't lie in the pairing itself.  No, it lies in its fandom.  Whether it be English, Japanese, or some other country, they all sort of seem to have the same problem: every story is exactly the fucking same.  And yeah, I did this too.  I don't know why I post any of the shitty fanfiction I write online but oh well what's done is done and all that fun stuff.  Back to people who aren't me.  So you're saying, "Well, isn't that good?  If a lot of people write like that then it's in IC, right?"  Yeah, sure IC, whatever.  If you're an actually good writer or artist, you could probably make anything sound IC if you wanted.  You don't have to stick with basic plots like Gokudera's accidental love confession, or Tsuna being all self-concious, or Gokudera wanting to kill himself because he degraded his precious little Tenth.  These are all nice and good, but it isn't as much when I've seen about twenty fics before yours do the same thing.  Go write some goddamn original fic/doujin, kthxbai.

/rofl i'm so cool/
/and sorry for those who do write original, I guess there's not too much/

However, 5927 shippers are universes away in the good direction from 8059 art. EVERYTHING LOOKS EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME. I think I know who drew a picture but appearantly it's some other obscure artist who most likely ripped off the artist I thought it was. I can barely tell the difference between goddamn Eternal Snow and Jerk Trick. The only one that stands out is NALIS and that's because it's fucking ugly. If I can tell what you ship because of how you draw, that is sad.


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